Brookies recipe. The snack that is fashionable

When those winter afternoons you enter a craving for unstoppable sweetie you ask yourself, did I prepare a brownie or chocolate cookies? And the doubt before such delight is sown in your head and do not let you choose, do not think more, prepare a brookies and matter solved.

This bold combination juicy brownie mix with crunchy chocolate chip cookie It is only for the most demanding sweet tooth, those who want sweet day want everything. It happens to me and you?


For 4 people
  • Pastry dark chocolate (for brownie dough) 140 g
  • Walnuts (for brownie dough) 50 g
  • Pastry flour (for brownie dough) 80 g
  • Egg M (for brownie dough) 3
  • Butter (for brownie dough) 70 g
  • Sugar (for brownie dough) 100 g
  • Salt to taste (for brownie dough)
  • Chocolate chips (for cookie dough) 100 g
  • Pastry flour (for cookie dough) 170 g
  • Chemical yeast, 1 teaspoon (for cookie dough)
  • Egg M, (for cookie dough) 1
  • Butter (for cookie dough) 100 g
  • Brown sugar (for cookie dough) 120 g
  • Salt to taste (for cookie dough)

How to make brookies

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time 50 m
  • Processing 30 m
  • 20 m cooking

We will start making the brownie, for that we will melt in a bowl the chopped chocolate and the butter in pieces in the microwave. Add the eggs, stir. We throw the flour. The room, the sugar and the chopped nuts. We pour the dough into a mold of about 20 centimeters covered with nonstick paper. We reserve We preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

To make the cookie dough, in a bowl we beat the butter with the sugar. We add the egg. Then the flour, salt and yeast. Finally the chocolate chips.

We spread pieces of this dough across the surface of the brownie. Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Cut into portions.

With what to accompany the brookies

Once you try the brookies you will fall surrendered to its charms, although that if, if you have to consume them separately in moderation, I don't want to even tell you when they come together. Brookies, a temptation to succumb to.

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