Salmon terrine, crashed eggs, ideas for Valentine's Day and more in Directo al Paladar México

The time has come, as every Thursday, to make our particular weekly trip to the other side of the Atlantic to know the recipes that our colleagues have been preparing Direct to the Palate Mexico. How could it be less, there are also preparing Valentine's Day with very romantic sweet proposals to surprise someone special, or just give us a treat if we are goodies. Will you accompany me to browse?

Thinking about the feast of February 14 we have prepared a small recipe book of seven desserts with Options for all tastes, all very tempting. Tangerines covered with chocolate, Baileys mousse, condensed milk flan, mini cheesecakes, chocolate strawberries, oatmeal truffles and strawberries or popcorn and peanut butter cupcakes, which one do you fancy more?

If you are more salty, surely you like the interesting proposal they bring us for breakfast, the crashed eggs in pepper. The idea is simple but very appetizing, some eggs cooked in peppers, with a final touch of cheese before gratifying them. Do not forget to accompany them with good bread.

Despite not being a very hard winter, in these days of cold and rain you always feel like a comforting spoon dish. I love the soups and creams Vegetables at this time especially for dinner, and our friends suggest we add bits of serrano ham to the vegetable soup to give it an extra touch of flavor.

Another marine proposal is the recipe for peanut fish fillets, which has caught my attention by its curious name. Is a traditional mexican way to cook the white fish, with a peanut sauce, chili and roasted tomato that has to be very good, to dip bread and leave the plant clean.

But if you are looking for a fresh and original recipe you can try the salmon terrine, a different way to prepare and serve this blue fish that offers us so many possibilities in the kitchen. Is very easy to prepare and we do not need too many ingredients, you can also cook the day before we want to taste it.

And we finish again with a sweet bite Thanks to the Red Velvet or red velvet cookie recipe, also perfect for Valentine's Day. These are butter and cocoa pastes with icing sugar in which its beautiful red color stands out. To give, share or give us a treat.

And so we arrive at the end of our visit to Direct to the Palate Mexico This week. I wait for you in seven days with a new delivery of our companions' recipes to find more ideas when cooking at home.