Orange and caramel individual cake: dessert recipe to finish off a celebration meal or dinner

When oranges are in season and are in all their splendor, you have to take advantage of preparing desserts like these individual orange and caramel cakes. They are very simple and quick to prepare, perfect to put the finishing touch to a celebratory dinner or, why not, to pamper yourself any other day.

The individual format gives them a very attractive appearance. However, if you do not have the tray that is needed for this, you can prepare this orange and caramel cake in a large mold and portion at the time of serving. You will need to adjust the baking time and it will change its appearance, but the taste will remain equally delicious.

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For 6 people
  • Orange 2
  • Sugar 150 g
  • Butter 150 g
  • Egg "M" 2
  • Wheat flour 150 g
  • 5 g chemical yeast
  • Water 40 ml
  • Liquid candy

How to make individual orange and caramel cakes

Difficulty: Medium
  • Total time 40 m
  • Elaboration 15 m
  • 25 m cooking

To make these cakes I used a muffin tray with six holes, seven centimeters in diameter at the bottom and nine at the top. We start by greasing the walls of each hole and sprinkling them with flour. Next, we pour a small amount of caramel at the base of each cavity.

Grate the oranges with a fine grater and reserve the zest. Peel them, removing well the white membrane that covers them and cut them into discs of a centimeter thick. Of each orange we use the three central disks, we can use the rest for another elaboration. We place the six orange discs in the cavities of the mold, on the caramel.

In a large bowl, beat the butter (which should be at room temperature), sugar and eggs. We sift the flour together with the chemical impeller and add it to the previous mixture. Remove with a spatula. The dough is very dense, so we add the water very hot to make it easier to incorporate. Remove until homogenized.

Divide the dough between the six cavities of the muffin tray and cook in the oven, pre-heated at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes. For check if the cakes are ready, we introduce a skewer. If it comes out dry, then we can remove them from the oven. We let them temper well before unmolding them, so they don't break us in the process.

With what to accompany the individual orange and caramel cakes

We love preparing sweets individually because they are more elegant when it comes to the table. When do you want to serve these individual orange and caramel cakes, remove the top of the surface so that, when turned, they are well seated. Serve them as dessert accompanied by mascarpone cheese and a drizzle of honey or more caramel.

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