The best of Direct to the Palate XLV Answers

As every fifteen days, here is our compilation with the most interesting participations of the readers and editors of Directo al Paladar in our Gastronomy forum. With this edition, we already have forty-five biweekly summaries with your questions and as always, we encourage you to continue participating in The best of Direct to the Palate Answers, thanking your contributions.

Now that Carnival has passed and we enter Lent, having Valentine's Day and Father's Day on the horizon, remember that you can ask us your questions, doubts, or questions about how to make some recipes that come in handy for these dates. And without more we go to review your queries.

  • Among the requests for recipes or types of cuisine that you want to see in Direct to the Palate, which you have left in the question I asked you about it, Anna R. Gelli tells us: "Varied. On the one hand I like that you introduce us international recipes, especially that they are different, or not very well known, as for example this week that you have shown the Castagnole or tuna meatballs. In many websites and blogs they repeat the recipes of always and it becomes heavy. I think we don't know many dishes from the East and also from Africa. In my land, they did (they do it almost every season with new episodes) a program called Karakia in which I learned recipes from many places in the world that I totally did not know. I would also like you to take out traditional recipes from places in Spain They are not known or well known throughout the peninsula. For example, Carnival has passed and in my land recipes are made that I have not seen on almost any website and I am sure that it happens with recipes from other autonomies that I do not know why they are not published and they always end up coming out, whether from Carnival or from any time of the year. We all know how to make Catalan cream, yolks of Santa Teresa, polvorones, paella and octopus a feira, for example. I do not say that they do not have to continue putting, but surely you can bring us closer unknown recipes. Healthy recipes, low in calories, especially how to make sweets with sweeteners (stevia, apastarmo, etc) that do not add calories to the recipe. Also vegan cuisine, because although I am not a vegetarian there are very interesting vegan or simply vegetarian recipes. Thank you so much for asking. Anyway, you bring us good recipes and do a great job. Congratulations."We love such a detailed and sure answer that we will take it into account.
  • Berios Ask us about the possibility of setting up a pie in phyllo dough and not baking it at the moment, and it would be nice if you leave your solutions or your opinion in this regard, because I have not seen how to give your query a good option.
  • In the chapter of Lenten recipes, I asked you about your favorite recipes with the intention of trying to make some, just answered us Reader that tells us "I don't have a preference for anything special, but my son really likes pork rinds. It is made with puff pastry and pork rinds (which you would eat as a vermouth snack) crumbled and some pine nuts and some sugar on top. Toast it all on the grill. I do not like it. I forgot to mention that wind fritters do like them. But I do not do them, I go to the bakery for them and that if in small quantity."
  • We finish with Clas, who asks us for a sandwich called Tagalog that he remembers and doesn't have the recipe. Look in case we can lend a hand with everyone.

I remind you that your collaboration by asking questions or intervening in those of others is vital if we want to keep this section alive, so I encourage you to continue leaving your questions about cooking recipes or gastronomy issues that we will try to solve as much as possible. Until in fifteen days.

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