New trends in natural juices for healthier eating

In my eagerness for Eat as healthy as possible and being aware of the benefits that natural juice brings to my body, I always try to incorporate it into my breakfasts. And I say "try" because, despite good intentions, I don't always get it. Be it for the cause that is, many times, more than I would like, I skip it.

How many mornings do I ignore the presence of the blender in my kitchen and avoid even looking at it. I pass by, turning my head to the opposite side, and I choose the commercial juice that I keep in the fridge for moments of laziness. But I feel regrets because I know that nothing is comparable to a freshly squeezed natural juice.

The evolution of commercial juices

Nowadays, there are commercial juices that are very successful. They are foods that have adapted to the needs of consumers since their inception, before the industrial revolution and urban concentration. Pasteurization, a thermal process that destroys mocroorganisms that can alter food and that extends its shelf life, meant an undeniable improvement and so on.

Since then, the evolution of the juice industry It has been constant and innovation has been present in every step it has taken. Those, like me, who are regular consumers of juices will have seen and experienced it firsthand. New flavors, natural squeezed products, incorporation of vegetables, etc.

What is happening in the sector?

The world is changing and gastronomy is no stranger to it. The consumption of organic food and local products is a trend. The big companies know it and they don't stop looking for formulas with which to adapt to the current demands. Personally, I appreciate your efforts for how much life simplifies me dispose of natural products without investing time No effort in it.

In this process of seeking improvement, many companies team up with great kitchen professionals so that, from their deep knowledge, they help them evolve. This is the case of Zumosol and Rodrigo de la Calle, chef promoter of the gastro-botany and in love to the core of the vegetable world.

"It has not been easy, nor fast, to transfer my knowledge and particular vision of cooking to the juice field. There have been many hours of work invested and many adjustments that we have had to make until we get the final formulas, but I am very proud of the results, "De la Calle tells us.

After an intense year of work, tests, failures, adjustments and successes, the experienced chef surprises us with Veggies, a line of 100% natural juices in which fruit and vegetables are the only ingredients. Unprecedented combinations such as spinach, cabbage, pineapple and apple are not only surprising, but also delicious on the palate.

Veggies are completed by two other mixtures, beet, strawberry, carrot and apple, and pumpkin, peach, carrot, ginger and apple. No sugars and no preservatives. These juices, which will soon be found in the lines of many supermarkets, they are going to play a lot.

When asked about this project and what is the next step, Rodrigo tells us that "Veggies, although designed to be drunk, are being incorporated as healthy recipe ingredients that we will soon be able to enjoy." Something that, like good kitchens that I am, has me in embers and eager to check.

Rodrigo de la Calle is happy to think that his "green philosophy", based on a plant diet and a healthy lifestyle, will reach the general public through this new Zumosol product. One more step in the evolution of the juice sector that will facilitate the task of maintaining healthy habits and eating a healthy diet.

Images | Meghan Hess on Flickr
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