The new European Academy of Gastronomy is born

A new institution related to gastronomy has just been born. It's about the new European Academy of Gastronomy, which was born with the objective of spreading and defending the European culinary offer as a whole, favoring gastronomic tourism in the Member States of the European Union and promoting education in this area.

Understanding that even with the thousand culinary diversities of each country and region, you could say that there is a global concept of European gastronomy, which justifies its defense as a whole, as well as with the connection of gastronomy and culture, giving it the recognition it deserves since gastronomy is one of the most important bases of the culture of the peoples.

The new institution will be chaired by Mr. Rafael Ansón, also president of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy of Spain. The new one European Academy of Gastronomy is made up of 30 countries, with the National Academies of Gastronomy corresponding to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The first meeting of the International Academy of Gastronomy has been held in Paris, constituting its general assembly and making the appointments of Anson, and the presidents of the French and Italian academies, Jean Vitaux and Paolo Petroni who were elected as vice presidents, completing the management team with Maciej Dobrzyniecki, from the academy of Poland, which was appointed general secretary and treasurer.

The European Academy will have its legal headquarters in Paris and among its objectives is to institute a educational plan from early childhood and primary education to the creation of a European master's and doctorate as well as programs to promote, within the framework of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), gastronomic tourism in the 28 member states, with initiatives similar to those we tell you when talking about Expofooding Madrid, and encourage the agri-food production of proximity to Small farms that improve the quality of European food.

The European Academy of Gatronomy It does not replace the performance of other territorial academies but joins these institutions, such as Mediterranean Gastronomy Academy wave Latin American Academy of Gastronomy, coexisting with those of countries like ours that have their own gastronomy academies such as the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.

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