The sweet fashion and a crazy German pizza. Weekly menu from February 8 to 14

The week before Valentine's Day is always conditioned by "cuquis" recipes, hearts, chocolates and the color red. But human beings have the mania of not living alone in love, so once this day has passed, we bring you a weekly menu Very complete to face these days with energy.

We will start with an original appetizer recipe: baked knives. A unique way to present this delicious seafood that is usually grilled. However, if we are looking for something comforting, nothing like this lasagna soup.

Another interesting option if we are looking for a quick snack but we want something original is this German pizza recipe: Flammkuchen de crème fraîche with purple onion, goat cheese and pear. Surely it leaves no one indifferent.

For a second plate of meat we have a wonderful veal sausage braised in red wine that is perfect for those days when the cold squeezes, while for A light dinner We offer you a salmon in papillote with cilantro.

We finally move on to desserts, which put the sweet touch to our weekly menu:

Video: In the Kitchen with David. July 14, 2019 (February 2020).