Walk through the gastronomy of the network: the game is among chickens

If there is any meat that I like and that I usually prepare it is often chicken, but sometimes I lack ideas to make it other than grilled or breaded, so the Walk around the cuisine of the network Today is dedicated to the recipes with chicken that I found visiting your blogs.

I don't know why I have the feeling that according to which recipes are too complicated to prepare during the week. As I always go in a hurry I do not usually complicate my life too much, but I think I will have to change my mind, because with your proposals and a minimum of organization I have a good repertoire of new recipes to discover Do you accompany me?

My first three proposals they are a chicken rotti with potatoes and nuts with no fat, from Anna in Anna easy recipes; unpollo to Bea's huntress in 2 mandarins in my kitchen, a traditional Italian recipe with an impressive appearance, and a Maribel orchard chicken in Honey and lemon recipes that you will love if you are fans of stews with vegetables.

Chicken meat It is especially suitable for filling, this recipe for chicken breasts stuffed with ham and cheese from Julia in Julia and her recipes I loved it and I already have it on earrings. If you are looking for a more original presentation, this truffle soup Valéry Giscard d'Estaing by Paul Bocuse from MJ in MJ's recipes You will like it for its elegant presence, also with an interesting story about its creation.

Dove in his blog Pigeon of the Rich presents these Villeroy chicken breasts that will surely delight young and old. I advise you not to get lost this roasted chicken to Dolores beer in My great fun that I even seem to smell, not even this juicy and tempting chicken from Aseoanez parmigiana in Varianity.

I have taken good note of this recipe for chicken wings with fine herbs and honey from Katy in To drive the tooth well, I'm sure that my children will be excited. From Pilar in The owl kitchen I keep this chicken with caramelized vegetables and couscous with an interesting mix of flavors.

For a day that time does not allow us to entertain ourselves too much, these roasted chicken skewers from Bego are ideal in Bego's light empana and to lighten the caloric load of our menus a little, this romanescu cake with Maria's chicken is ideal in María's blogs. I wait for you next week with another Walk around the cuisine of the network.

Photographs | My great fun, 2 mandarins in my kitchen, Julia and her recipes and MJ's recipes
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