The nineteen best recipes for cooking with mussels

A product that I love to incorporate into my recipes is the Galician mussel, a healthy and healthy product, rich in protein and low in fat, with which it is a pleasure to prepare all kinds of recipes. For that reason, today I want to recommend that you try the 19 best recipes for cooking with mussels, so you can enjoy this mollusk more varied.

All selected recipes are in general suitable both for snacks and skewers and to serve as a main course at light dinners or at lunchtime, adapting the amount in that case. In this compilation you will find the best recipes for cooking with mussels now that they are at their best.

Mussel appetizer recipes

Starting with the most traditional ways, we will choose the classic recipe for mussels with vinaigrette, simply cook the mussels and fill them with a mixture of seasoned vegetables. A classic dish that we always like. If you want to try mussels with other dressings, you will like this recipe of mussels pickled with cider vinegar.

Our appetizer for appetizer, He made us try to prepare homemade pickled mussels at home with chips and served hot. Also delicious is the combination of butter and curry of these mussels with a Hindu touch.

If you like spicy mussels, We have several possibilities. On the one hand, mussels in hot sauce, which have nothing to envy mussels in hot tomato sauce, or spicy mussels in Mexico. Any of the three recipes will please those who enjoy the sensations produced by the spicy food.

To end the selection of the best appetizers with mussels, we want to include one of the favorites for everyone, tiger mussels or mussels with bechamel.

Stew mussels recipes

If we have to choose a way to cook this mollusk, the ideal stew for mussels, the seafood recipe would be one of the favorites for most. Here you can see how to prepare mussels with marinated tomato, for when you want to enjoy a traditional stew.

You will also undoubtedly enjoy the mustard mussels recipe, the mussels cider, or the mussels with cream and celery, three options in which in addition to enjoying the mussels meat, you will enjoy the sauce and its intense flavors

Main dishes with mussels

In addition to these more own recipes for snacks or portions to share, there are many others ways to take advantage of mussels to use them in recipes in which it is used as the main ingredient.

Good example are these mussels in scallop sauce, a delicious proposal that will undoubtedly make you salivate, or these amazing mussels stuffed with seafood, which would be great in any meal with guests.

For cold days, another good choice is to make a cream of mussels and present it with a puff pastry lid, and notice how it makes us go into heat scoop to scoop. And if you want to try an original cream, try this combination of cream of mussels with apple and cilantro, which surely you will like spoonful to spoonful, because the mixture works perfectly.

Other recipes with mussels

Do not stop trying this pasta recipe, Margaritas with mussels in cream and tomato sauce, because you will surely repeat. Do not forget the recipe for creamy rice with mussels, a good alternative to make a fast and flavorful rice. And if you want to prepare them as a elegant recipe, nothing like combining mussels with cava and cream, to have a delicious result.

With these nineteen recipes that we have selected, you already have at your fingertips the best recipes for cooking with mussels. Now you just have to order them at the fish market and enjoy a healthy, tasty and full of possibilities product.

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