Do you want to be the king of sushi? The seven utensils you need to have at home to get it

Sushi, in any form, is a delicious and healthy snack that has more followers every day. It is not surprising that the number of places in which it is served has been increasing, nor that there are more and more people who are encouraged to prepare it at home. A relatively simple task as long as you have the right utensils.

If you are encouraged to prepare it for yourself, you cannot pass by without reading this article until the end. Today we are going to tell you what they are the seven utensils you need to have at home to become the king of sushi and that your elaborations have nothing to envy to those that serve in any sushi bar of Japan.

The seven utensils you need to become the king of sushi

I leave the base that you know how to distinguish between nigiri, maki, uramaki, temaki and the great variety of sushi that exists. However, if all this sounds like Chinese or, rather, Japanese, put the batteries and documéntate well on the different varieties of sushi before jumping into the stove like kamikaze.

There are many useful utensils that will make your life easier when making sushi. However, an essential and the most important of all is a good knife or, better yet, a good set of knives. This is essential for the proper treatment of fish and, to this, you could add a scaler and tweezers to remove the bones.

In the cuisine of Japan, these knives are called "hocho" and have a peculiarity: they only have sharp edge by one of their sides (as is the case with samurai swords). Any sushi expert worth his salt will have his own set of Japanese knives. You won't be your least, right?

To keep these knives sharp, which you should try to do every time you use them, you should have a stone to sharpen knives. No sharpeners or other hookahs, experts recommend sharpening "hochos" to stone before each use and this stone to sharpen is very suitable for the task.

We leave the knives behind and turn the page to move to rice, an essential element in all sushi. Many homes and restaurants use a rice cooker or "suihanki" to get cook the rice the right way and get the point you need. It is a small appliance, very useful, key to success at home.

Once the rice is cooked, it is necessary to let it rest and temper it with a blow, while we stir it to incorporate the sushi-zu, a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar and salt. The appropriate container for this process, which must be prepared in cypress wood and topped with two copper rings, it is called "hangiri".

I could say that tempering rice is a ceremony in itself whose goal is to make it lose some of its moisture quickly. Hence, to fan it and remove it, the latter with a special wide-blade palette called "shamoki" which, although not essential, is the Perfect complement of our "hangiri". And if being the king is about, you can not miss in our kitchen.

The traditional Japanese fan, made of bamboo and paper, is called "uchiwa". Although any other fan, and we know that much in Spain, can be used to cool rice, the truth is that you will be like a real expert If you fan it with a real Japanese one. These are easy to find, so it won't cost you to get one.

Possibly the most famous tool of all those used to make sushi is the "makisu", a bamboo mat necessary for the assembly of varieties such as maki and uramaki (or California Roll). Its function is that of roll up the sushi pieces In a simple way. You can't do without it.

Having the right utensils for making sushi at home is important, but you should not neglect its presentation. The moment to bring your sushi to the table deserves a lot of care And what better way to do it than on an elegant service set to finish off the job. Your work will look beautiful in a functional and elegant tableware and, of course, it will taste better if you eat it with chopsticks.

Of course, there are many other devices that could swell the list of the seven utensils you need to have at home to become the king of sushi. These are, in our opinion, the indispensable ones, but you may have some in mind and not imagine giving up when it comes to making sushi. If you want to share it with us, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

Images | Linh Nguyen and Alpha on Flickr
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