Six foods that need to be claimed in our diet

The world of food is surrounded by false myths that often damage the reputation of the ingredients we usually use, and proof of this are these six foods that need to be claimed in our diet.

Carrot: excess sugar?

Perhaps because it is a sweet-tasting vegetable, very pleasant to the palate, and also for its great use in cakes and desserts, the carrot has always been associated with a lot of sugar For our diet.

However, although they do have natural sugars, its proportion is not high and its fiber reduces the absorption of them in our body, so that nothing compares the carrot with a soda or a bauble.

That is, the carrot does not have excess sugar but some natural sugars that we can enjoy with its consumption. But also, it is rich in Vitamin A, carotenes, potassium and calcium for our diet and does not contribute many calories to it.

So, carrot is not a vegetable that we should limit, let alone eradicate from the diet if we seek to lose weight or control our diabetes.

Cucumber: only water to offer

He cucumber It is another food that we should claim in our diet, because although it has a high aqueous content and therefore, it is very poor in calories, not only has water to offer.

This vegetable also provides a lot of water, fiber, minerals such as potassium or magnesium and ## B vitamins as well as Vitamin E With antioxidant function.

So, not only to hydrate the contour of our eyes or to prepare a juice or cold soup, cucumber is used, but this ingredient has much more to offer our dishes and therefore, we can add it to salads, snacks or various snacks.

Corn: very rich in fructose

The high fructose corn syrup that has such a bad reputation today, is a derivative of corn But it is not corn itself, therefore, a cob or cooked corn kernels are not rich in fructose or sugars for our diet.

Corn does have a considerable amount of carbohydrates and some of them are sugars that characterize its sweet taste, however, they also have a lot fiber which in our body produces a very different effect to what causes a soda for example or a commercial juice that does have high fructose corn syrup.

In addition, the corn cob has much more to offer than an industrial food to which high fructose corn syrup has been added and has many less calories than sweetener widely used in processed products.

Mint: a beautiful decoration herb

The Fresh mint, the herb as such, is generally used to decorate sweet dishes or bring its green tone to different preparations, however, it needs to be claimed as an ingredient that not only serves as decoration.

This herb is a concentrated source of good nutrients for our dishes, such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C, iron and folic acid, in addition to fiber and antioxidant carotenes.

In addition, it can offer a pleasant aroma and flavor to our preparations, so it needs to be claimed in our diet and in the kitchen so that let's not just use it as decoration but also, to infuse desserts, to make creams or sauces, to fill cakes together with other ingredients or other options.

Lettuce: only volume for our dishes

The lettuce that in all its versions is usually used as the basis of other dishes or that adds large volume to them, not only offers that, but also, valuable nutrients and properties.

All types of lettuce are rich in water, poor in calories and are a good way to add carotenes and vitamin A as well as different B vitamins to our dishes.

In addition, they not only bulge preparations, but offer texture, color and fiber as well as other nutrients such as those mentioned above.

Therefore, lettuce should not only be used as a base or "filling" of our dishes, but needs to be claimed in our diet if we want to take advantage of its positive properties.

Grapes: fruit that fattens and concentrates calories

The grapes Like bananas, for example, it is a fruit that is very mistreated by false myths, because we usually think that it concentrates calories and therefore, can make us fat.

However, grapes like other fruits are excellent sources of nutrients, they provide water, fiber, potassium, B vitamins and antioxidants highly recommended for the body.

But the best, they are an ingredient of low energy density, since does not reach 70 Kcal per 100 grams that we ingest, therefore, it is impossible to gain weight with its consumption.

These are six foods that need to be claimed in our diet so that we know how to make the most of their properties and stop judging them negatively and unfairly.

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