Shrimp fajitas, pasta with sausage, croque cake and more in Directo al Paladar México

Almost without realizing it we have passed the equator of the month of February, and one more Thursday we go to the kitchens of Direct to the Palate Mexico to know the recipes that our colleagues have prepared for us from the American continent. As I always say, there are never too many sources of inspiration to cook and surely we find good ideas to vary our menus these days. Are you coming?

With Valentine already left behind, our friends have also turned away a little from the sweet to focus this week on savory dishes, perfect recipes for day to day with a special touch. They are simple but original ideas, appetizing and very tasty, so that we don't have to always get bored at home with the same old dishes.

For example, who doesn't fancy some delicious fajitas for dinner during the week? This shrimp fajitas recipe has no difficulty but it is a great way to offer something different at home, and shows that fajitas and tacos don't always have to be meat. With prawns or prawns, they will come out delicious.

Also a sea air has the surimi and avocado sandwich, a very tasty and balanced sandwich that is well worth us for uncomplicated dinner or for a lunch away from home. The author recommends that we give it a spicy touch - or spicy- Adding a jalapeño pepper if we like it to have a little tip of vine in the final flavor.

The meat recipe This week is inspired by Valentine's Day, a chicken in lemon sauce and capers. The truth is that capers combine very well with the citrus flavor of the fruit and enhance the taste of chicken breast. A garnish of white rice or simple pasta would be the perfect complement to that rich soft sauce.

Talking about pasta, we have two very appetizing recipes although very different from each other. On the one hand, the creamy chorizo ​​pasta, in this case some spaghetis cooked in a powerful flavor sauce thanks to the sausage and the addition of turkey breast. For lovers of oriental cuisine, we have the alternative of noodles with tofu and peanut dressing, a perfect combination of ingredients and aromas.

Finally, a recipe inspired by one of the most typical sandwiches of the street food Parisian the croque monsieur. When baking it in a large mold we manage to prepare an original croque cake in the form of a salty cake that will surely solve us more than an impromptu dinner at home. If we add a light salad we will have the most complete and comforting menu.

I hope you have found interesting this week's recipes that our colleagues from Direct to the Palate Mexico. We read in seven days to know the new proposals that will come to us from the other side of the ocean, do not miss them!