If I tell you that what you sprinkle on your pizzas is not all cheese, would you believe me?

If I tell you that what you sprinkle on your pizzas is not all cheese, would you believe me? Well, I'm not going to get melodramatic, maybe, partly cheese, but it may also be loaded with an added surprise: wood chips. Surprising right? Yes. Surprising, but true.

According to a recent independent report published by Bloomberg Business, to some American companies, manufacturers of Parmesan cheese, has given them to play with the composition of their product and add substances that have nothing to do with the. Such is the case with cellulose, an additive from wood.

As this report warns and according to the analyzes carried out on these products, in some cases the percentages of cellulose in the final product are, personally, somewhat alarming. Walmart Parmesan cheese, for example, contains 7.8% cellulose, Jewel-Osco's 8.8% and Kraft 3.8%.

The idea of ​​getting into the cellulose body or wood shavings is not something that is especially attractive. However, we may be doing it more often than we think and let's not be aware of it, it is a substance that does not add any flavor to the food and we would not notice it at all.

Cellulose is an additive that It is used to provide texture to certain food products, as confirmed by John Coupland, President of the Institute of Food Technology and Professor of Food Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. And he adds that wood chips or cellulose powder are added to the grated cheese with the purpose of keeping it loose and not sticking, being oily.

Once again, the vulnerability of consumers to the lack of scruples of some large companies It is patent. Although, in this specific case, the company causing this alarm, Castle Cheese Inc., has been investigated by the relevant authorities, fined and forced to withdraw its product from the market. A small battle won that, I want to think, will not be the only or the last.

Images | Sebastian Mary and Charlie Lee-Potter on Flickr
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