A molecular salad of the most original, a soft Baileys mousse and more, in our Lifestyle Fortnight Gourmet Fortnight

Two weeks have passed and today it is time to review the best of this Lifestyle Fortnight Gourmet with its usual sections of very special recipes, drinks, restaurants and other curiosities that make us live a life with more style.

We start with a recipe of the most original with which you will definitely surprise your guests, a molecular salad where its green part is transformed into a delicious gelled.

How dessert nothing better than an exquisite Baileys mousse, with a lot of flavor to whiskey cream, but also to chocolate, which makes it perfect as a gold brooch to share long tabletops.

And if you don't feel like cooking, but if traveling and knowing the world, that you know that New York is in fashion, and these five restaurants prove it.

Y if you don't want to fly so far, surely you love this proposal of eight places to visit in London that almost nobody knows ... and free!

Well, with this I place you for another 15 days in a new one Lifestyle Fortnight Gourmet I wait for you!

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