11 recipes for the very avocado

The first time I tried the avocado was still very young in a Mexican restaurant, in the form of, of course, guacamole. It was not until years later when I discovered that it is a fantastic product, very healthy but also delicious, and tremendously versatile in the kitchen. These 11 recipes for the very avocado They demonstrate the whole game that can be taken out of this fantastic fruit when cooking.

Once we have overcome certain myths that are still going on the avocado, we can enjoy its flavor and its properties through varied dishes, even sweet. It combines very well with all kinds of ingredients and we can also take advantage of its buttery texture to turn it into creams and sauces. Chopped, chopped, mashed, crushed or spread on bread, the more avocados know that there is much more life beyond the guacamole.

1. Cold cream of green apple, avocado and mint lime

We start with a recipe from light and refreshing appetizer or entree, perfect for summer but that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It does not require cooking and is as simple as cutting, crushing and mixing. The key is the quality of its ingredients, which together combine deliciously in this cold cream of apple, avocado and lime with mint.

Avocado is fatty and that's why this recipe works so well. The green apple and the lime provide a little acidity, the yogurt makes the mixture softer and the mint makes the whole refreshing and digestive. It is important to crush the cream thoroughly to achieve a velvety texture.

2. Appetizer of blinis with avocado, cheese and roe

Last Christmas we proposed a elegant appetizer but the simplest We can prepare for any occasion throughout the year. Imitating the guacamole but simplifying its preparation and leaving a softer and more homogeneous texture, avocado can be incorporated into many original dishes like this.

With a simplified mini blinis base, without using baker's yeast, we assemble very striking canapés for the beautiful play of colors that combine the green of the avocado with the white of the cream cheese and the bright red of the roe. Who can afford to add good caviar, which is not cut.

3. Salmon and avocado tartare

Tartar is a preparation that has become very fashionable in recent times, and blue fish such as salmon and tuna almost always appear accompanied by avocado. We propose two different elaborations so you do not get bored with this simple and healthy dish, starting with this recipe that looks for a creamy and light texture.

The recipe is easy and fast, although it requires respecting some idle times to macerate the fish and get all the flavor we are looking for. This salmon and avocado tartare is perfect for preparing small canapés or snacks, as it is addictive simply served on crispy toasts.

4. Shrimp tartare with avocado and pomegranate

Here we have another version of the tartare in a more typical presentation of today's restaurants. In this case we substitute fish for seafood, using the always versatile cooked prawns. It is also a very easy recipe in which the key to success will be in the quality of all the ingredients.

Prawns, avocado, pomegranate, lime, salt and olive oil, nothing more is needed to create a most tasty dish, that if we present with a hoop to place it will delight any guest we have at home. It is also a very healthy recipe, fresh and light, but satiating.

5. Avocado, tomato and basil refreshing salad

We enter the field of salads, where avocado has become the king in recent years in which it has become fashionable. Being a much tastier product presented to the natural, fresh and uncooked, it is in the cold dishes where it seems to succeed much more, and you don't need many partners to create exceptional dishes either.

This refreshing avocado, tomato and basil salad proves it, as the list of ingredients is well reduced. However, when choosing one real tasty fruit and in its point, with tomatoes that do taste like tomato and just seasoning, this recipe becomes a fancy dish.

6. Octopus and avocado salad

Since avocado is very rich nutritionally speaking, if we match it properly we can prepare very complete dishes We can solve a light lunch or a healthy dinner. I personally love how it combines here in this octopus and avocado salad.

Although it is not the most economical option from time to time it is not bad to resort to the octopus legs that are already sold cooked, ensuring that they are reliable since in the product quality The success of the recipe lies. To enrich it further we could add a few cooked prawns or some other seafood, and give it a spicy touch if we like it.

7. Avocado, cheese and honey salad

He goat cheese combined with honey in a salad it is nothing new, but you probably have never added an avocado to the equation. The combination of flavors surprises and engages, especially when you first pass the cheese through the iron, enhancing its flavor.

For this avocado, cheese and honey salad it is convenient to use a fruit that is not overripe, since we do not seek to crush the avocado but to cut it in whole and slightly firm pieces. We can play with the different nuances that a different honey will provide, much better if it has aromas of mount and is not too dark.

8. Avocados stuffed with gorgonzola and nut cream

This recipe for avocados stuffed with gorgonzola and nut cream could be called salad or individual appetizer, since it is actually a dish that is presented in a kind of natural bowl taking advantage of the avocado peel.

Gorgonzola cheese has a very special powerful flavor that will delight lovers of blue cheeses, and how well they combine with nuts. The avocado surprises again by how well it harmonizes its texture and taste Soft in this recipe full of healthy fats.

9. Avocado and Emmental Cheese Quesadillas

On this occasion we are interested in using a more ripe avocado to get that creamy texture so practical to spread bread and toast. If we have wheat or corn tortillas, typical of fajitas and burritos, we can make delicious quesadillas in just a few minutes.

To prepare these avocado and emmental cheese quesadillas we will also need some tomato, some hot sauce, parsley or fresh cilantro and some garlic, in addition to the corresponding dressing. The choice of cheese can be modified although the emmental is perfect for dishes like this since it melts very well and has a mild flavor that does not capture all the prominence.

10. Mexican meat, onion and avocado pizza

Avocado has become universal, but it is still moving to the Americas. From mexican inspiration is this pizza with meat, onion and avocado, in which it is added raw at the end when it has left the oven, just before serving.

On our favorite pizza dough we just have to add one preparation of minced meat cooked a little with spices, always without going over since it will end the baking in the oven. Tomato, mozzarella, onion and pepper complete the filling of this tasty pizza.

11. Avocado and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon

How many dinners and fast meals have solved the sandwiches and sandwiches, demonstrating that it is not necessary to always be complicated to enjoy a good homemade meal. It is essential to have a good quality bread, better if it is a rustic or town type, of those wonderful loaves that also endure what is thrown out.

Using turkey bacon we reduce a little the fatty content of this sandwich that combines two cheeses and thus not have to add mayonnaise or more sauces so that it is not dry. The tomato brings a slight point of freshness that always comes well with the avocado, and when toasting the sandwich mounted on the pan we get the cheese to start melting leaving the bread with a delicious crispy point.

With these 11 recipes for the very avocado It is proven that avocado is a very versatile product in the kitchen that can give us a lot of play for all kinds of recipes. With a little creativity you can present original dishes, surprising and tasty, to get the most out of a healthier fruit that deserves much more than limiting it to guacamole.

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