A breakfast to start on Monday strongly and much more on the weekly menu from February 15 to 21

When it's cold, Mondays are very uphill. Luckily, we have to cheer up the weekly menu, which in addition to recipes for the whole week, today we propose a breakfast full of energy to start on Monday with strength.

So, nothing like taking the first steps of the day with a delicious green smoothie full of vitamins in the body, although to compensate for so much healthy juice, I would also add some rustic chocolate and orange cookies to the equation.

We now turn to snacks, presided as it could not be otherwise by one of the 11 recipes for very avocado, which is a perfect fruit to prepare all kinds of canapés and entrees. If we want something more forceful, then better these puff pastry rolls stuffed with pepper cream and sausage. Unsurpassed

Of course, with the cold in the bones, what you really want is a good soup, or seven if it can be, because those are the soups that we have collected to fight the cold around Spain. And if they weren't enough, we also have a cod and seafood chowder, an Irish spoon recipe capable of reviving a dead man.

We now turn to the seconds, although the truth is that this Bolognese sauce by Orson Welles is perfect to accompany all kinds of dishes.

For those who are more than fish, no problem, because we have wonderful grilled scallops with tomato water to the mint and lime that will make us look like real chefs. And for mussel lovers: the nineteen best recipes for cooking with mussels.

We finally arrive at desserts, which are led by a selection of five light cake recipes so as not to skip the diet and treat ourselves. Although for a healthy treat, this recipe for chia and chocolate pudding with yogurt or some simple white crinkles cookies to accompany a glass of milk.

Video: A Typical Day Of Eating Like a Brain Warrior by Tana Amen BSN RN (February 2020).