Walk through the gastronomy of the network: 15 recipes with seafood products to renew your recipe book

What I enjoyed this week collecting the recipes for the Walk around the cuisine of the network from today! My recipe for preparing seafood products is quite limited, I almost always just do it on the grill or in the oven, so it has been a pleasure to discover a lot of new ways to treat it thanks to your cooking blogs.

Fish is a product that It has to be part of our weekly diet, but is the eternal forgotten. I hope that with this selection of recipes you will be encouraged to enter it in your menus and appreciate it as it deserves. I have looked for options for any occasion, from an informal dinner to a meal to show off, so you have no excuse not to get down to work. Let's start?

Do you like spicy? because I start with two recipes loaded with adrenaline, not suitable for cowards, although you can always moderate a little the amount you throw. The recipes that I propose are spaghetti vongole with Raquel arrabiata sauce in The skylights and a cod alla arrabbiata from Yolanda in Cooked soup Which one do you prefer?

If you are looking for they are ideas to prepare a pica pica, you will surprise your guests with any of these four recipes:
* Mussels with leek sauce from Lourdes in Pikerita's way
* Gloria puff pastry, olive and anchovy sticks in Ytreats
* Salmon ceviche with Silvia tortilla chips in Caught in my kitchen
* Silvia hake integral pancakes in My sweet temptation

Fish is an ingredient. very appropriate to prepare a cold cake, and this smoked salmon cake from Manu in Manu's recipes It has to be delicious, but for an informal Friday dinner I propose this Espe salmon and spinach pizza in Espe Saavedra in the kitchen. Do not miss the supreme hake with Dolors romesco sauce in Cuina de la Dolors blog.

When we are many at the table, as in a sunday meal, I am looking for recipes that everyone likes, I have won this Carolina lobster rice in Carolina's kitchen and Loreto's fish and seafood suquet in Colored flavors. It's Lenten time and the legume is a traditional dish, like these chickpeas with prawns by Michelangelo in Green peppers

And to finish my selection with an informal touch, what better than three sandwich recipes I plan to try all. A tuna and artichoke sandwich from Sonia in L'Exquisit, a Danish open sandwich or Bea's smørrebrød in Bea, recipes and more and a traditional squid sandwich with mayonnaise from Rocio in Gossip and Pots.

Photographs | Manu, Skylights, Ytreats and Cooked soup recipes
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