Is it worth buying a Japanese knife for up to 850 euros?

Japanese knives are characterized by their excellent quality and, along with it, by their high price. Some of them can cost figures of several zeros. For various reasons, many are willing to pay whatever they cost without blinking. However, I have always wondered: Is it worth buying a Japanese knife for up to 850 euros?.

The know-how of the technique of forging samurai swords has been transmitted from one generation to another. The care for the process and the manual finishes to which the knives are subjected make many of them unique pieces. However, even understanding the above, I don't know if I would pay up to 850 euros for a Japanese knife (of being able to afford it, of course!).

How much do the different types of Japanese knife cost?

As in Western cuisine, where there is a knife for each type of task, there are many types of Japanese knives. They change their forms, their uses, their brands and the materials with which they are manufactured, but, in general, they all have a common denominator: their excellent quality. Let's see The most popular Japanese knife types and prices to those who find them.

Deba or Deba Bocho knife

Although its main use is to cut fish, it is also often used to cut meat and small bones. Its blade is wide and heavy, with an edge only on one side. Depending on the brand, the size of the blade, the materials used and the technique used in its production, a good Deba Bocho knife can easily be paid for. between 200 and 300 euros.

Yanagiba knife

The Yanagiba knife is specially designed for filleting, hence the length of its blade. Although the traditional thing is that the blade is sharp only on one side, there are models with a sharp edge on both sides in the purest Western style. Like the previous one, prices vary depending on the qualities. The best, made with high quality materials and handmade, we can find them for 300 or 350 euros.

Nakiri knife

Although its ax shape can confuse us and lead us to think that its most appropriate use is to cut bones, like our butcher knives, the Nakiri knife used to cut all kinds of vegetables. The price of this knife varies, as with everything, but if we want one of great quality we must be prepared to pay up to 400 euros.

Santoku knife

I have left the Santoku knife, the most common and most used in oriental cuisine. We could say that it is the equivalent of the Spanish onion knife. Is a all terrain knife, its name means "three virtues" and those are the three functions that it performs perfectly: cut, chop and slice, whether meat, fish or vegetables.

It is a knife that, due to its versatility, has broken into the Spanish market. It has a thin and flat blade, between 12 and 20 cm in length, and rounded tip. In some cases, it has a honeycomb that helps the cut food to detach easily from the leaf.

The handle has an angle, shape and size allow you to hold it by releasing the fingers, which do not touch the cutting board when using it. This knife It was designed with the idea of ​​improving the western chef's knife and, because of the popularity it has acquired, we could say that it has achieved it.

The Santoku knives we find in our market are copies of the original Japanese chef knives. The authentic ones are light, with a finer blade, sharp and delicate. They are also much more expensive than those that have become popular in Spain, and can cost up to 850 euros or more.

Is it worth buying a Japanese knife for up to 850 euros?

The popularization of the Japanese knife in Spain has brought with it a wide offer. There is no knife maker that boasts that it does not have at least one Santoku to his credit, which makes it easy for us to find one. to our measure in terms of features, benefits and price.

Acquiring quality is always worth it. However I have my doubts about whether these prices are worth paying that we have seen by a Japanese knife, and these dissipate when I think about the domestic use that I would give it to become a resounding no. Without opting for the cheapest, my choice would be an intermediate range.

Of course, for catering professionals, it is possible that the payment of 850 euros in a Japanese knife involves an investment. Although this is something that only they can confirm. And what do you think about the matter? How much money would you be willing to pay for a quality Japanese knife?

Images | Sebastian - and Wally Gobetz on Flickr
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