A luxury menu for stars: everything Hollywood will eat at the Oscars

The Oscar awards race seemed very long but one more year enters its final stretch. Everything is ready for the gala next Sunday in which the winners of the precious golden statuettes will be revealed, and it is also ready the deluxe menu that will delight the stars. The menu of Governors Ball, the party that is celebrated after the awards, has been announced again in this edition as a whole display of food for all tastes.

For the twenty-second time in a row, the chef in charge of shaping the kilometric menu is the Austrian Wolfgang Puck, specializing in large catering events and well known among the Los Angeles family. It is expected that more than 1700 guests go through the party so that the ingredients and dishes are measured in industrial quantities. There are not too many frills between the proposals and many of the chef's classics are repeated, although as a novelty it highlights the importance that has been given to offer gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan alternatives.

How do you plan and organize a catering for so many guests wanting to party - or drown the penalties if the awards have been disappointing? Of course, it shouldn't be easy, but Puck already has plenty of experience in this field. Bet primarily on the small format, a multitude of varied dishes in small portions so that diners can try everything in a relaxed atmosphere, facilitating the movement of the stars to create a fluid and festive gala.

The menu is organized in several sections, starting with the pre-party with appetizers such as brioche crostini with filet mignon, salmon mousse on cucumber, salads, shrimp cocktail, tuna temakis or mini pizzas. The tasting menu itself It is divided into six large sections: Hors d'Oeuvres, snacks, sushi and seafood, hot dishes, cold dishes, chocolate buffet-very long, gluten-free vegan sweets and small desserts.

Although the chef has spared no expense in terms of resorting to fancy ingredients like caviar, quality fish, black truffle, imported cheeses or Wagyu meat, many of the dishes are interpretations of those everyday dishes that Americans like so much, the so-called comfort food That also seduces the stars. There is no lack of pizza, hamburgers, french fries or macaroni and cheese.

I have always liked celebrations with menus of this type, in which the food is presented ready in mini portions in different spaces so that each diner is served to their liking. It must be a show to see the display of dishes and so many celebrities move in their sauce after the most corseted gala, although I don't know if much food will be left over in the end. In any case, when the guests are enjoying their menu of stars to us, those who will spend the night to see the gala live, we will have to face Monday with beautiful dark circles.

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