The MOFAD Edible Museum in New York

The interaction between art and gastronomy is undeniable, but that binomial rises to the nth power with the existence of MOFAD edible museum in New York. Under those acronyms is the Museum of Food and Drink, the food and drink museum, located at 62 Bayard Street in Brooklyn, New York.

The most peculiar to this museum is that it exhibits edible works, which visitors can admire and then taste, and all for an entry price that does not exceed ten US dollars, with reductions for the elderly, minors and youth to whom a special price is made.

MOFAD Objectives

The MOFAD objectives or its claims are primarily educational, to get the public to value the history of cooking in relation to anthropology, trying to involve consumers, cooks and producers, so that it connects people with what they eat, explaining the process of production and distribution of food .

His first exhibition, dedicated to flavor is called "Flavor: Making it and Faking It". On the visit, The interactive museum allows visitors to smell and taste to discover the differences between natural and artificial products and its meaning in the kitchen.

If you are going to visit New York, you can find that trip as a good opportunity to discover the MOFAD Edible Museum, which will undoubtedly be very peculiar, and that it will be an attractive visit for all the kitchens, and where in addition to learning questions about aromas and flavors, we can check what has been learned by putting them into practice "testing"the taste of what they teach us.

Video: Edible Clouds and More Wondrous Food from Irwin Adam Eydelnant (February 2020).