Teriyaki steak tips, rice salad with salmon and more in Directo al Paladar México

We enter the final stretch of February, which always seems to fly even if this year has one more day. On this last Thursday of the month we sneak into the kitchens of our friends from Direct to the Palate Mexico to see what has been cooking in their stoves. Do you need inspiration to plan your next menus at home? Join me on this virtual tour and I'm sure you get good ideas.

On this occasion we have options for all tastes, whether you are meat or more fish. But we can start by opening the appetite with an interesting journey through the history of waffles or waffles, typical for breakfast but I also love to treat myself to dessert or at snack time.

The vegetarian option This week is a delicious green guacamole sandwich, perfect to take away if we have to have lunch outside the house or for a simple and tasty dinner at home. It is essential to use good bread and prepare homemade guacamole, it will make a difference.

The teriyaki sauce It has a flavor that hooks and also combines the sea well with all kinds of ingredients. In this case we have the recipe for steak tips to the teriyaki, a preparation that will not take us more than half an hour and whose result promises to delight the most carnivorous.

The other meat of this week is the chicken, of which we have two recipes so that nobody says that it is a boring bird. On the one hand, the juicy chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese, nuts and endives, and on the other, the breasts in cumin sauce, a tremendously aromatic spice that will undoubtedly surprise with its presence.

Finally we turn to the section of fish, starting with the healthy and balanced rice salad with salmon and mustard dressing with dill, a combination of winning ingredients. And, perfect for Lenten times, we have the recipe of fish bradada, which is usually prepared with cod but it will also be delicious with another white fish.

I say goodbye for this occasion of our walks to the kitchens of Direct to the Palate Mexico, but I hope you come back next week when one of my teammates takes over. Do not miss the original dishes that our friends will offer us in the next few days already facing Holy Week.