The best of Direct to the Palate XLVI Answers

I publish this collection every fifteen days with the best of Direct to the Palate Answers and every fortnight the same thing happens to me since I find that it is a section that you readers of Direct to the Palate do not take advantage of as much as you could.

It's about a Gastronomic forum that we offer in which you can consult your recipe questions, to us or to the rest of the readers who, to the extent possible and reach our knowledge, will try to help you solve. Do not stop using it for your doubts or requests.

  • We know you love our recipes, but Direct to the Palate we have more sections and we want to see which ones you find most interesting. If you feel like we have your opinion, here you can tell us what you consider on the subject.
  • About your favorite recipes during the Lenten season, keep counting the ones you feel like or remember with more affection. This has been done Anna R. Gelli what does it say "Els brunyols de l'Empordà which in my land is made for Holy Week. Normally they prepare on Wednesday or Holy Thursday in an act that is done in family. The recipe I make is what my maternal grandparents taught me. It was a pleasure to make brunyols (they are also called bunyols) in the kitchen of my grandparents' house, since we used containers to knead or beat that were very old, my great-grandparents and even great-great grandparents. Making brunyols was lengthening all day, after starting to knead first thing in the morning, to let "dough" (ferment) the dough near the fireplace for hours, to shape the brunyols, cook them and distribute them in pots and pans. The smell of the brunyols streets and the exchange with some neighbors and relatives was a ritual and still is. Als brunyols I have a lot of love and since many years ago I am the one who conducts the ritual and I am very proud that my grandmother loves it because she and my grandfather taught me how to do them, but I also have a lot of love for the greixons or llardons coca (pork rinds), especially that of pa de pessic and brioix. My mother always bought for Dijous Gras (Thursday larderdo) and in my school they gave us coca de greixons to snack to celebrate the Quaresma. This year at home I have made two cocas de greixons for the first time: that of traditional pessic pa and that of eggless brioix so that my son who cannot eat egg will enjoy it at school snack. They were spectacular, I shared them with my parents-in-law and parents and "flew".

  • Finally, I want to make a request. I would like to know what dishes from other countries you usually cook at home, outside your local kitchen. Do you like to try Argentine, Mexican, Italian, Japanese recipes? What are your gastronomic temptations?

Thank you for your collaboration by asking questions or intervening in those of others, as you help us keep this section of life alive. Direct to the Palate Answers. See you in fifteen days.

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