Pets Welcome, the app to know the bars and restaurants that allow you to enter with your dog

How pet owner, I often have to juggle in order to have a coffee in an establishment if I am accompanied by my dog.

Surely the same thing happens to many, it is difficult to find, especially in small cities, bars or cafes where they allow you to enter with your pet, which ends up becoming a pilgrimage that causes the pet to end up waiting for us in the car or locked at home until our return.

The social changes of the last decades show that companion animals increasingly have a more important role in our society. Hence, more and more establishments, companies and even workplaces take pride in being qualified as pet friendly or pet friends.

So when I discovered the application Pets Welcome I quickly made it with her, because this app, available for Android, EOS and also as a website, helps to geolocate in a very simple way the establishments, shops, hotels, bars and cafes that allow the entrance with pets.

In this application you You can search by different criteria, either by type of establishment, province, or even type of pet, showing the results on a map or in a list.

The different hospitality establishments can register to be located, but it is also an initiative very present in social networks, so that the same animal owners can exchange information about those places where we have been able to enter with our pet.

Pets Welcome, one more step to reconcile our leisure time with our pets.

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