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From today 8% VAT in restaurants

Upgrade. At no time is it expressed in the post that fraud is accused of selling items at 8% when they were purchased at 7% (the same for 18% and 16%). It is just an opinion about it badly expressed. At this point in the day we have already noticed or maybe not. I refer to the VAT increase in restaurants from 7 to 8%.

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Aromatic herb omelette accompanied by azukis

One of the products that we sometimes buy at a store specializing in gourmet products, are the azukis, some very nutritious dried legumes similar to red beans that adequately accompany some of the dishes we make. In this case we propose that you enjoy the flavor that an aromatic herb omelette conferred with vinaigrette azukis confers.

Bioculture 2007 in Madrid

Next November 22 begins the new edition of BioCultura in Madrid, the fair of alternatives and responsible consumption in the Crystal pavilion of the Casa de Campo in the capital. In its 23rd edition we hope that it can give us much more expectation than we could live in Barcelona this year, since as we mentioned at the time, we did not get to breathe the essence we thought we would find.

Phytonutrients, beyond vitamins and minerals

When we listen to the recommendation of eating a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, we always think about the importance of these foods to include vitamins and minerals in the diet, but beyond that, it is also essential to consume vegetables and various colors , to guarantee the presence of phytonutrients in our diet.

Tapas by Almagro

Almagro is a town in La Mancha located in the province of Ciudad Real, specifically 22 km from the capital. It is a town known for many reasons, among them, the beauty of its main square or its streets, for having the only active comedy corral in Europe, its bobbin lace and eggplants so, if you accompany me, today we Let's go for tapas in Almagro.

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Montadito of hake and caramelized onion. Recipe

To those who do not believe it but lately my weekends become a tide of pintxo here, pintxo there. And not only by my name, but by the recipes that I have to prepare. Today one of the tapas that has fallen has been this montadito of hake and caramelized onion. You see, nonsense of nothing.

The Santiago Cake with Protected Geographical Indication

La Tarta de Santiago is one of the most typical sweets of Galician pastry, it is a delicious almond flavored cake that is presented in the form of the cross of Santiago. As we know, it is a typical dessert of Santiago de Compostela. There is evidence on the preparation of this cake and its consumption in manuscripts dating from year 1.

Lentil Salad. Recipe

Summer is coming and legumes disappear from my menus. I notice that I am not the only one to whom this happens, I talk with friends and family and everyone tells me the same thing. It seems that we don't know very well how to incorporate legumes into summer meals. A pity because they are a nutritious and low-fat food that must be present in our diets, cold or hot.

I'm sorry, I can't with TV cooking contests

Sorry, I can't with cooking contests on television. Every time Master Chef was broadcast or when Top Chef does it now, my Twitter timeline is flooded with comments from my fellow bloggers, so I often change the channel to see what they are commenting on: I don't last five minutes.

Jordi Cruz, the best chef of the year

In the first edition of the Cook of the Year contest held on March 9 at the 2006 Food Show, the young chef Jordi Cruz, a Catalan chef at the Estany Clar Restaurant who already owns a Michelin star, was the winner. The menu presented was not wasted, it was composed of a Mediterranean mackerel Coca with death trumpets, bitter leaves, oil, celery turnip and eggplant, in addition, roasted sea bass with arugula, salicornia and an infusion of mushrooms and truffle treated as a jelly.

Crunchy cake with mascarpone and raspberries. Recipe

I never get tired of trying different varieties of cheesecakes. Whether they are curd, jello or baked, there are few that I don't like, that's why every recipe I find is kept because I am sure that one day it will fall for dessert in my house. Today I invite you to prepare this crunchy cake with mascarpone and baked raspberries, with a delicious flavor and texture.

Pomace cream mousse: delicious and easy recipe for New Year's Eve dinner

A little complicated option to serve as a dessert at the end of the year in addition to the classic nougat and the lucky grapes, are the cups. In this case and for this party I have opted for some of marc cream mousse, so simple to prepare that with only four ingredients you have it ready. You only need time four hours before the arrival of dinner and you can enjoy a dessert with an absolutely creamy texture, with a touch of the tasty drink based on brandy and perfect to accompany that midnight coffee that at the end of the year We all need to cope with the entrance to the new year.

Bread cake

The bread cake besides being delicious is a perfect way to take advantage of the bread of the previous day. The ingredients: a large or two small baguette cut into small pieces, about 2 cups of milk, 4 eggs, a can of condensed milk, 3 tablespoons of hard grated white cheese, half a cup of raisins, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of walnut nutmeg

Multicolored sage couscous

In our pantry you can never miss the couscous, whenever any unforeseen event easily solves a meal, and the best thing is that its genuine flavor conquers all palates. It can be combined with what you want, but if you are in a hurry and want to show the dish, in addition to a lot of vitamins, try the Couscous with the scent of multicolored sage.

Luxury menus during the Madrid Fashion Week

Nigiri from the Kabuki menu for Fashion Week More and more different disciplines of art join the gastronomy. In this case we bring you an initiative that unites Fashion Week with some of the best Spanish chefs, specifically with five Michelin Star chefs who will take the cuisine of the Ramses restaurant in Madrid to reinterpret fashion in their kitchen.