Co-Chef a kitchen assistant appliance

Once again our Decoesfera partners have found something that we also like in DaP. This is Co-chef, a kitchen assistant appliance designed by Bram Shreuders, for the Philips house, which works with sensors and a touch screen. It detects among other things the state of ripeness of the fruit, the cooking point of the food or the temperature.

Chocolate cookies 3,2,1. Recipe

If you have never made cookies because it seems difficult to you, or because you do not have time or because you think you have to have a lot of pots or gadgets, these 3,2,1 chocolate cookies are designed for you. The excuses are over, in less time than it takes to read the recipe you can have a tray of delicious cookies ready to go into the oven.

Eat on site

When it seems that there are no business ideas left in the collective restoration, a company emerges that offers an innovative and practical service: mobile dining rooms for construction workers and companies. "On site" is the one who has launched this initiative that will avoid many workers, eat tupper or make displacements, with the loss of time that this entails.

Reduce food rations to combat obesity and type 2 diabetes

A study was recently published in which they claimed that a low-calorie diet extended life. Today we read about other related research but there is still a lack of new studies that deepen the benefits of reducing calorie intake or food rations. The Canadian study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, suggests that reducing the size of food rations is a better weapon to fight obesity and type 2 diabetes than the treatments prescribed for its control.

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Too much salt in prepared foods

Salt is one of the most popular condiments that can never be lacking in a kitchen, since centuries ago salt has been used as a preservative in addition to seasoning. But abusing such a precious condiment implies contracting a risk factor for suffering from high blood pressure and consequently a cardiovascular risk.

Portugal vs France: the gastronomic version of the Eurocup final

For a couple of days we know that our two neighboring countries will be the protagonists in the final of the European Championship. While we wait for tomorrow to come to watch the game, we suggest you take a walk through the gastronomies of Portugal and France, of which we have signed a selection of traditional dishes, not football.

11 tasty ideas for a picnic and enjoy the outdoor weekend snack

Summer weekends when temperatures behave well with us and do not overheat us are made for picnics and excursions. We like to take out the basket as soon as we have the opportunity and fill it with delicious food with which to enjoy pecking the weekend outdoors. You may not have much practice in this area, but do not worry because we are going to give you 11 tasty ideas for a picnic among which you will surely find your better half.

Wok of noodles, shrimp and vegetables with teriyaki sauce. Recipe

What a mess I've done by naming this recipe. In the end I have decided on wok of noodles, shrimp and vegetables with teriyaki sauce, but it could have been noodles of prawns and vegetables with wok with teriyaki sauce, wok noodles with shrimp, vegetables and teriyaki sauce ... or any of the many other combinations that have crossed my mind, but hey, the important thing is that you get an idea of ​​what this simple oriental dish is about.

Mandala Fresh opens the largest organic supermarket in Spain in Valencia

Although there are already ecological supermarkets in the capital of Túria (I know two, EcoMarket and BioBàsic), in addition to many herbalists who also offer organic products, they are actually rather large stores and not supermarkets as such, so the fact that Open in Valencia Mandala Fresh, the largest organic supermarket in Spain, is news.


I was reading an article in the New York Post (on) about the Burrata and it reminded me of one of Massimo Bottura's recipes on the first day of presentations at Navarra Gourmet. The truth is that the article itself is nothing special, it only talks about the fashion that is awakening its use in restaurants and specialty stores in New York.

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Spécial Club 1999

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils is a small producer of champagne that makes its wines in a traditional way. And the tradition in the Gimonnet family dates back to 1750. Almost nothing. It has its vineyards, about 25 hectares, in the prestigious towns of Cuis (1st cru), Cramant (grand cru) and Choully (grand cru), right in the Côte des Blancs.

Bakewell lemon curd cake. Recipe

This Bakewell lemon curd cake is one of the many variations I have made of these delicious cakes of English origin that since I tried them a few years ago, they became one of my favorite cakes. I always choose them when I want to look good with my guests and they always make me look good.

The 19 best recipes of Valencian cuisine

La gastronomía valenciana es mucho más que paella. Aunque es innegable que el arroz es su ingrediente más destacado, hay muchísimos otros platos que vale la pena descubrir, tanto por la calidad de sus ingredientes como por lo sabroso de las preparaciones, por eso hoy vamos a descubrirlos las 19 mejores recetas de la cocina valenciana .

Chicken breasts with fine herb pate

It is true that the chicken eats on its own, but if we soak it with a sauce that gives the breasts a more aromatic and less dry touch. Pate, tarragon and anchovies will make this bird a space of flavor in a conjecture of sensations and, to deceive us, in an economic dish (which never hurts).